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Our Support

All over the U.K communities are trying their hardest to look after their families. Through these cost of living rises we know how hard it is to juggle life. Here at EX5-Alive we can support you with signposting to organisations or assist with practical support through food, debt and wellbeing.

Sometimes it's just easier to share our issues but more often than not we are not alone in our experiences.  The hub can offer one 2 one support at getting back to where we need to be

We are all in it together

As a community hub we strive to keep the costs for every family to a minimum but even this can be a challenge. By offering free activities during the week we strive to breach any gaps in the community and welcome everyone regardless of their background. 

Below we have a whole range of signposting for assistance In managing a household in these turbulent times. EX5-Alive has built up trusted connections within our community to ensure that all of our partners work together confidently to put your best interests first.

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Support at a glance


Cranbrook Food Hub 


Every Thursday 5-7pm

Exeter Food Bank

Exeter Food have 4 different venues across the Exeter area which are

open Mon - Fri. 


Grow, Eat, Do

(Cranbrook Group which runs events)


Project Food

(Based across East Devon they have holiday programmes


Olio App

(Shared food within communitities)

Mental Health

Parental Minds 

(Teen Mental Health, Self harming and SEND needs)


The Mooring

(Mental Health Advice)




(Mental Health Advice)


Samaritians: 116123 

(Emergency Helpline)



Andy's Man shed

Adult Bereavement

Child Bereavement

(For children aged 5-24)

Housing Advice

East Devon District Council (Risk of Homelessness)

01395 571660
Livewest Tenancy Support: 01392 20244


Sovereign Housing Association 03005000926



(Affordable household goods and cheap delivery to Cranbrook)


E.D.D.C Household grant


Exeter Dispensary Grants 

Where to find us...

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