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Why not volunteer in Cranbrook?

We all know it's not easy to put ourselves out there, but our community runs on volunteers. If everyone could volunteer just for one hour a week we would have the greatest town in the UK. With our national services under such demand we can all do our bit to make our town even more special. In Cranbrook we have the youngest demographic and it shouldn't be the responsibility of our retired population or a handful of people to make things happen. If nothing is happening then we all need to be part of the solution. The best thing you can do is volunteer and start making a difference... make the change you crave. You never know what it might do for your social life, confidence and career prospects.

Organic Garden
Old Friends
Teen Gay Couple
Volunteer Using Sign Language
Trash Picking

Volunteering opportunities

Cranbrook has many different opportunities that can fit in with your lifestyle and it doesn't have to be a fixed time or venue. Here are some examples:

  • Drivers

  • Litter pickers

  • Poster Makers

  • Account Gurus

  • Event Planners

  • Group Gatekeepers

  • Social Media wizards

  • Volunteer Coordinators

  • Meet and greet champions

  • And any other skill which needs to be shouted from the roof tops

If you would like to give back just an hour a week then please get in touch with our enquiry form below.

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