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Our First Impact report


About Us

We are EX5-Alive community hub and we are set within Cranbrook Education Campus which has been gifted by the Tedd Wragg Trust to promote opportunity. We are a community based hub where we aim to improve the quality of life within Cranbrook and the surrounding area. We collaborate with the Live and Move Sport England fund and the Reach Academy in Feltham to ensure we are providing the highest quality of community support for our young people.

 Meeting space for the whole community

Groups, Professionals and Individuals

Builds a sense of community

Strengthens, connects & supports relationships

Get people active & improve physical health

Wellbeing, mental health & self esteem

Access to opportunity

Information, Signposting, courses & early help

What we do....

We are an independent Integrated community hub within a school site which supports families with opportunities. Our hub is for everyone in and around Cranbrook who needs signposting or access to opportunity to improve their present situation.

Why we do it

Cranbrook is a young community and we believe in giving our young people the best start. We mainly do this by supporting the parents or carers of our young people. As a new town, our community relies on each other for support due to a shortage of meeting points while the town is being built. The hub offers access to information, making connections and the chance to feel included.

How we do it

We run community projects, host rooms for the community and offer change through groups and listening events. Many of our services support families when life changes or when we hit bumps in the road. The community have been on this journey for over 12 years and as a new town the landscape is ever growing and changing.

EX5-Alive was born out of the necessity of lack of physical space in a new town and because of this there were no free community spaces. This sparked frustration in our residents and at times we all felt our community had been let down.

But then it changed, we trained in ABCD community development, held listening events, started to meet with each other and we now have a one stop hub to meet our growing needs before the next building phase begins in 2029.

The EX5-ALIVE relationship promise

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